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Terms of use

Service provider’s data


- The VendingOutlet website is operated by the VendingOutlet-International Ltd company.
  (see later: service provider)

- Service provider’s adress. 9700 Szombathely, Lovas Str. 23.

- Service provider’s VAT number: 14951349-2-18

- Servive provider’s registration number: 18-09-109132


Main profile: sale of vending machines


The relationship between the service provider and website user is ruled by the terms of use. By using the website and registering on the website You (later Buyer) agrees the Terms of use, so we kindly ask you to read with attention.


Goods on stock


In our webshop we highlight next to every device whether it is on stock or not. In spite of the quick change of the stock it can occur that the good is available online but there is not left any on stock. To avoid this kind of inconveniece please contact us by phone to be up to date about our devices on stock.


The price of the devices and their technical description


Retail prices are indicated on our website. Our prices are valid while the stock lasts and we reserve the rights to amend or change the prices without previous notice. Because of the mistyping of the prices and technical data we do not take any responsibility. For further information about the condition: 17/1999 II.5 Law.


The Buyer’s responsibility


The buyer is responsible for all their activity on the website using his/her user name and password. The only exception is when a third party person misues your personal data. if you suspect this condition please let our costumer service know.


Privacy policy & Personal information


Your personal information is respected and handled with the utmost care. VendingOutlet will not pass on or sell your personal information to any third party without your consent.


Concerning rules:

Ptk.  Year 1959. IV. law

17/1999. (II.5.)

49/2003. (VII.30.)

151/2003. (IX.22.)

210/2009. (IX.29.)

Are you searching for something which is not on the website?


Are you searching for a machine which are not on the website?

Send us its type and we will find it!